Laboratory and Field Testing

The NGCF extends its capabilities beyond centrifuge modelling, providing a comprehensive suite of laboratory and fieldwork services
Our 1G testing laboratory at The NGCF, Western Australia.

1g Testing Laboratory

The NGCF operates a cutting-edge single gravity lab with five testing stations, each utilising the same motion control and data acquisition systems as on the centrifuges.

Single-gravity testing allows experimental designs to be validated before testing in the centrifuge, whereas for some problems the correct physical modelling approach is to test in a single-gravity environment.

Fieldwork capabilities from the National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility in WA.

Field testing

The NGCF extends its capability beyond centrifuge modelling.

The team can facilitate fieldwork testing campaigns using bespoke scale models and actuation equipment, all based on the same platforms used on the centrifuges.

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